How to write an essay about self-identity

You must have written essays about yourself, your family and what identifies you in your academic life. Now, you might need to write about your journey, a journey to build your identity .

Students applying to college or majoring specifically in a course are often required to submit self-identity essays. If you are interested in learning how to write one, then look no further.
What is a Self Identity Essay?

The self-identity essay is a description of the writer’s physical, emotional, and psychological characteristics to the readers.

A self-identity essay is simply a description of who you are. First, find out what it is that you enjoy writing. It’s usually an analytical narrative that tells your story. It covers your life from birth to present day and your future plans.
Structure for Self-Identity Essay

Focus on your personal experiences and perceptions when writing about identity. You can use real-life examples and personal stories. As well as statistical data, you can also use examples from literature.

Here’s a sample of an identity essay paper.

Introduction of a self-indetity paper

You begin your self-identity essay with a summary of the topic you are interested in. Use your personal story to relate to your past. You can ask a question or make an analogy. You can use this example:

It didn’t occur to me in my earliest years that being whole meant having a complete sense and identity. Yes, I didn’t have enough information about my body, emotions, and plans. I am confident that I can control my emotions and my life. My adolescent years were spent flying with the wind and not knowing how I could control myself. This contrasts sharply with who I am today.

Statement on Self Identity and Thesis

The thesis statement is your final sentence in the introduction. The thesis statement evokes curiosity in the reader and is the central idea of your paper. This is often true, so you will build your essay around it.

For a strong thesis statement you must identify the subject of your essay and make an assertion about it. Here’s an example:

“It starkly contrasts with who I am today.”

The statement is a desire to tell the reader about your life, how it has changed, and what you did. The thesis statement is the foundation of your writing.


The body of your self-identity essay is basically about you, your family, and who you are currently. These don’t need to be in the same order but they should flow. Use transition clauses to link them, and reflect on your thesis.

The first sentence of each paragraph should tell your readers what it contains. It is important to start with a strong sentence, and then go deeper in the following sentences. Keep your readers interested by being creative.


This section is your final submission. However, we end our self-identity article by discussing your future goals. Let’s say you envision your audience in ten years.

Avoid using phrases that refer to a conclusion, as this is not a speech.

Once you’ve read this section, you can begin to write your story. You won’t miss any of the points if you stick to the structure that we have laid out.
Structure for Self Identity Essay

Three things are the focus of a self-identity essay.

Your Name

Our names are the most important picture of society’s view of us. Think about your name for a moment. What is your name? And what does it signify to you? Please tell us if you have a secret story. Tell a story, ask a question and then draw a parallel if necessary. Your audience should know whether your name has inspired or influenced them in any way.

Your Family

How do you relate to your family members? What has their influence been on your outlook? Your family story is important – everyone has it.

Your Identity

Write about your daily life. What is the best way to identify the person in your mirror? We want to hear about the relationships you have with your family members and friends. Your life, growth, and personal development can be brought out, from childhood all the way to where you are now.

Your beliefs and convictions on various topics are welcome to be shared. Here is a place to reflect on yourself, your past, and the changes that you have made. This is where you can justify your thesis statement.

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