Inexpensive Digital Watches Attracting Attention

Let us check how watchful you are about a watch. A wrist watch which is viewed for knowing the time of the day evolved in the 17th Century. It was initially attached to a archipelago and carried in the midsection pocket. The fashion of wearing watches on the arm started during World War 1 when members of the military found it a better reference location. Ladies added some more by wearing it as a pendant with a archipelago on the neck or as bangles on the arm.

The earlier watches were mechanical. Then came the quartz vibrations. Digital watches came in as late as 1970. Watches with a longer period antique choker related features like timers, chronographs and now ripe with GPS technology are imprints of this century.

Though the Switzerland watch making industry has still the supremacy, the labor cost has forced a number of the Western industries to China where labor is cheap. China, using their persistance, attended at par with such guest industries in matters of manufacturing watches which are less expensive but reliable and of more artistic look. People have a passion to change to new style and fashion. Watches manufactured in China create the best environment as being cost friendly. Online accessibility to China watches has had the world market by storm. One of the most established watch company of China is online with over 5000 models of watches.

The blue version of Anion Negative Ion Silicon Sports Diamond Watch costing just over 1USD has now be a trend. This watch in supple design made from hygienic Silicon has no smell. Its color does not diminish. It is waterproof at 1 atmospheres.

At around 3 USD, you can get old fashioned variety that is worn as a pendant on the neck or could be used as a pocket watch. This Antique Owl Pattern Brass Quartz Pocket Watch With Archipelago Belt is surrounded in steel with exquisite engraving. Its diameter is only 16 mm.

One with slightly higher price range is the one for the sophisticated class. This stylish steel hinged diamond quartz movement wrist watch set with rhinestone-silver and white is a piece of unlimited joy. Another one with a vintage look that pleases the eyes has a round switch. There are sharp needles for indicating clockwise movement of seconds, minutes and hours. It has a clasping buckle. It is also waterproof. Its protuberant flower shape switch is surrounded in steel. The band material is a weave shape silicon.