Make Money With Google Profit Kits Exposed – Don’t Get Ripped Off!

Google Money Kit scams are everywhere and people are making a killing! You probably recognize them as fake looking news sites or blogs with a story of some sap who ends up making $79 an hour posting links on Google or some crap. The real truth is Buy Google Reviews, there are people who are making a lot of money from this and before I explain more, you need to know the players who are the people that make money with Google Money Kit scams.

Here are where the Google Money System scams start:

Shady Merchants – These are the people who come up with the fake Google Money Kit products and employ deceptive advertising and shady billing practices by not being upfront about what the user will be charged and how to cancel. Even worse, some companies have made it nearly impossible to cancel because the customer service phone numbers do not even work and your credit card is charged every month until you cancel your credit card.

Shady Affiliate Marketers – These are people who promote products to earn a commission by creating fake make money at home online with Google money kit blogs with fake stories and testimonials to try and get you to buy. Many feel they are doing nothing wrong and it is up to the buyer to figure things out while leaving passing liability to the merchant. These sites look like fake news sites or blogs.

Shady Affiliate Networks – These networks bring merchants and affiliates together and shady affiliate networks host deceptive offers while training affiliates how to make money with Google with fake blogs (flogs) to get more leads and conversions which are basically sales. Shady affiliate networks may also steal the work from top affiliates to make more money by running it in-house. Sometimes networks and merchants shave leads, but that’s another story.

Ad Networks – Sometimes networks and sites that host ads are not aware of deceptive advertising because affiliates are using advanced methods to hide their real sites from the guys who approve ads over at Google, Facebook, Yahoo but legitimate ad networks disabled these deceptive ads immediately. Other ad networks allow it, some may even copy entire ad campaign from super affiliates to make more money from it themselves.