Optimising Your Web presence – Basic Tips for Good Web design

One of the simple facts of our lives today is that a web presence, whether it be for business or social interaction, is the single most effective method of getting exposure for your products, services or personal agenda. That said those who do have a website often don’t get half the benefit they should due to bad web design.

There are a few basic points that should be kept in mind when designing or having a website designed that will make your site more effective as a business tool or personal platform dark web links. One of the really important points of good web design is maintaining a clean look and good accessibility. Sites that have a clean open look and use fonts that are available on all computers are more attractive options and more inclined to keep the visitor on the site.

This is particularly important because your site will be accessed by a wide variety of systems and browsers and viewed on many different monitor sizes and resolutions. The site has to be easily usable by as many of these as possible while staying stylish and attractive. Site designs that are “roomy” and use a lot of light space are more attractive than those that are cramped and very dark. Using stretch layouts ensures that all users can view the site with ease no matter what their screen resolution is.

Color schemes should be kept consistent throughout the entire site. Although different colors for different services or sections of your site may make sense, they tend to do more damage than good online. Use your corporate color scheme as a jump off point or choose simple complimentary colours that aren’t too bright and overwhelming. This tends to draw attention away from the most important thing on your site – your content.

Complex and illogical navigation systems are another great killer of websites. A visitor needs to be able to find what he or she needs quickly and in a logical fashion without being diverted to unrelated locations first. As soon as someone feels they are wasting time they leave. A site map is a must on more complex sites and remember to include a mirror navigation bar at the bottom of each page. Also try and keep all text easy to read by maintaining sufficient contrast between the background and the text body.

Download times must be kept as low as possible by optimizing graphics and scripts and keeping Flash content manageable. As soon as a site takes an age to load the visitor closes and moves on. Try to have external links open in new windows which makes a return to your site easy as well. Also keep backgrounds and special effects simple. Busy backgrounds and masses of animated effects detract from your site’s most important function in getting your content noticed and acted upon.

And that is perhaps the most important tip of all. Content is king. It is the reason your have a site to start of with and should be the main area of focus when designing a web presence. Keep your content, relevant, informative and of the highest quality possible in terms of copywriting and structure. Visitors pick up on fluff and extraneous information quickly and lose interest just as quickly. If they find what they want quickly and find it to be of value they will stay on the site and return frequently and that is the battle won. Change is the law of nature. Everything changes or transforms into something much improved and valuable. Even in the realm of web designing services, we throw out old-age obsolete website designing trends and adapt new, more efficient techniques. So, now, what seems to work the best is the idea of keeping it simple, appealing and informative. The contemporary web designing services focus on building rich, colorful and graceful websites. It is the functionality and interface of the website that counts at large. Ensuring ideal presentation of the content, information and clickable action is also now web design services providers’ responsibility. Most designers believe that it is the time to attract visitors with extremely intuitive designs, pleasant color combination, and effortlessly available information. It is through these techniques that designers aim to break new grounds in the industry.

More interactive Designs: The time has gone when website designing services were limited to creating beautiful designs. Today, we expect a lot more than that from our web designing services. In addition to keeping it attractive and appealing, the designers are also required to fuel it with rich designs, textures, elements, gradient, lighting, shadows. Ideal inclusion of applications and communication channels is mandatory.